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Booker Global is an iconic place located at the heart of the city, where you could have royal hospitality services and wedding planning to appreciate from the moment you handover the responsibility to Booker Global. We offer professional advise in organizing Wedding and other official functions against a stunning and ancient backdrop. Designer decors and elegantly appointed furnishings are common features in Booker Global. We have been always been highlighted for stylish Settee back, Head table decorations, Oil lamps, Cake structures, Table decorations, Poruwa and Entrance decorations. We undertake the the whole responsibility for your comfort. Booker Global will provide additional services such as DJ music and Lighting etc.

Golden moment in Booker Recreation..

Golden moment are in booker global business over a decade since inspiration 21 / Dec / 2003. Booker Global sincerely thank all the customers, well-wishers and staff members for providing and maintaining star class royal service to our customers. Focusing on customers comfort is our primary resposiblilty to acheive your wedding dream come true.

We Organize

Booker Global organizes the following events at our hall.

  • Wedding Party
  • Waleema
  • Mehendi Function
  • Birthday Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Eid Celebration
  • Puberty Ceremony
  • First Holy Communication
  • Office Conference
  • Private Party
  • Office Annual Party
  • Fare Well Get together
  • Seminars

Free With Buffet and Sahan Package

Includes below packages from variety of choices with your theme colors absolutely free of charge!

  • Basic Settee Back
  • Entrance Decors
  • Oil Lamp with flower decorations
  • Table Decorations
  • Dressing Room for the couple
  • Cake Basket with theme coloured
  • Head Table Decors

Additional Services

We have the following addtional services which could be used to enhance your event

  • Ashtaka
  • Poruwa
  • Jayamangala Gatha
  • Kandiyan dancing Group
  • DJ Packages
  • Cake structures
  • Sky Ray Curtain


General Enquiries

Booker Global (Pvt) Ltd

No 10,Hedges Court,Colombo -10,Sri Lanka


+94112662857 / +94112662858



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